What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind which can be induced by concentration on a single idea or focus. In a therapeutic setting, Hypnosis provides a powerful tool to access subconscious thought patterns and behaviours and resolve issues that are beyond the capabilities of the conscious mind.

This deep state of relaxation and solution focused awareness offers a perspective for new insights and understandings to develop with the skilful help and support of the Hypnotherapist. Beneficial changes are often achieved relatively quickly.

Modern Hypnotherapy utilises the techniques of Solution Focused BriefTherapy (SFBT) to assist people in making significant positive and beneficial changes, helping to resolve unwanted habits and thought patterns at a subconscious level.

Willpower is required and for the truly committed, Hypnosis may be an effective way to help you achieve your goals.

What will I feel during hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not sleep, it is a trance-like state that you may be surprised to learn we experience several times a day. Perhaps you have driven along a familiar road and not remembered parts of the journey, or maybe you have been engrossed in a book or a film and haven’t noticed when someone has called your name. If so, you were in a trance-like state at the time!

During Hypnosis, you will feel extremely relaxed and calm and aware of everything around you. It is an extremely pleasant and enjoyable state which ls very similar to daydreaming.

A Hypnotherapist cannot make a person do anything they do not want to or that they morally object to. You cannot get stuck in Hypnosis and you can leave the state whenever you wish. You are in complete control at all times.

What to expect?

The Initial Consultation lasts up to 50 minutes. It provides an opportunity for us to meet to discuss your issue. I will gather information about you and explain how the brain works in relation to your problem and symptoms which most people find enlightening.

Please note: Smoking Cessation Therapy lasts up to two hours and the Initial Consultation is included as part of this session.

I will explain the Hypnotherapy process and how it can help and we will agree your proposed treatment plan. I will also give you a complementary relaxation CD to listen to in between the sessions.

All subsequent sessions last up to an hour and begin with Solution Focused techniques followed by Hypnotherapy. Although treatment plans will be discussed and agreed during the Initial Consultation, I have outlined an estimate of the average duration below:

  • Depression/Anxiety States: 9 -12 Session (weekly to begin with)
  • Straight Forward Phobias: 3 - 4 Sessions (weekly)
  • Smoking Cessation: 1 Session of up to two hours (Deposit required to proceed)


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